Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writing prompts

Here’s a list of writing prompts to inspire you:

1. Write a dialog between someone very ticked off and the unfortunate recipient of their fury.

2. Describe an item from your childhood without using adjectives.

3. Limit yourself to 10 words to do the following (via post-it note):
  • write a note left on a car you hit
  • break news to a guy that he is NOT the father of your baby
  • break up with someone
  • tell someone you killed their pet fish
  • write a tagline for the worst book you’ve read
4. Write a romantic scene that takes place between two characters at the DMV.

5. Describe a human face from the perspective of an alien.

6. Write a scene in which a character wakes up to find that he is absolutely alone.

7. Describe a character whose life sucks. Make it as bad as possible.

8. Write a scene in which the luck of the character from #7 changes.

9. Adapt a fairy-tale or myth to modern times.

10.Make a list of unexpected things someone might do after winning the lottery.

I hope this inspires you!

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